Replacing Walls On A Scamp RV Camper Trailer & One Thing I'd Do Different

Replacing Walls On A Scamp RV Camper Trailer & One Thing I'd Do Different

When I purchased this 1984, 13' Scamp trailer, It was supposed to be a Light.. DIY Remodel.  I had NO IDEA it would turn into an entire gut job!  

RV remodel pics before and after in a collage

But, I discovered moldy smells that made it hard to breathe!

The mold was in the carpeting on the walls! Uggh

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1984 Scamp camper inside before the remodel with old carpeting on the walls

When I began pulling the carpeting off the walls, there was a type of pink bubble wrap behind the carpet, acting like an insulation barrier.  I left that up.  The carpeting actually pulled off fairly easy.  I had to use this tool in a few places to cut it out.

Below is a picture after the carpeting was removed from the door.

1984 Scamp trailer before a remode.

Before I began, I sprayed all the walls with this to kill any lingering mold.  The grey part is where I sprayed.

Sprayed walls inside an rv camper before putting new walls up

You can see from this picture I tried replacing the walls in the same pattern and HUGE pieces that came down. Here's what I used for the walls.

putting new walls inside a 1984 Scamp rv camper

It was not easy dealing with these HUGE pieces!

When I got to the ceiling.. that's when I began a new process!  Cutting the material into wide, long strips! Brilliant!!!!

Inside an RV Scamp trailer remodel of the ceiling


I used a ton of this and lots of straight pins to hold it up until it was dry.

I continued this process around the horse trough bathtub area and the door.

Inside a Scamp remodel rv with a horse trough tub and new walls

Here's the old door with the filthy carpeting...

Old door of scamp rv camper with moldy carpeting

I applied this technique to the door,, so much easier!

Door of rv camper remodel attaching the strips of material on Scamp trailer

And the final result on the door, showing the strips of material! 

 After picture showing new material on the exterior door of an rv Scamp trailer

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