Minivan glamped out for camping with bed and blue blanket, curtains, pillows, lights and a bucket with wine and large checkers game

Create a DIY Cozy Glamping Oasis in your Minivan

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Glamping in a minivan can be a fun and convenient way to explore the great outdoors without sacrificing your creature comforts. With a few simple DIY projects, you can easily turn your minivan into a cozy, stylish glamping getaway or a fun date night getaway.

Mini Van DIY Glamping Date Night with custom curtains, bed, lights, pillows, wine bucket and checkers blanket board.

Here's my 2006, old reliable, Toyota minivan ready for glamping! This van has been everywhere.. and has room for a queen size mattress in the back! 

 Mini Van cleared out and seats down looking in from the back and ready for a glamp.

Sewing your own curtains for your mini van glamp can be an easy and fun DIY project that will give you the perfect look for your adventure van.

I used this material, I already had, and purchased some fun RV camping material, similar to this.

Inside mini van date night, showing custom curtains in 2 different materials of buffalo plaid and mini RV campers.

I used this to attach the curtains to the windows. I left one side, on the windows, after I put it all away too. For durability, I sewed the soft side to the fabric.

For the front of the mini van, I hung a 1" lightweight curtain rod across the van and used this to attach the ends of the curtain rod.

Custom DIY curtain, in buffalo plaid, for mini van glamp hanging on a curtain rod to give privacy in van.

I then hung strong hooks to attach the string to. 

I used smaller hooks everywhere else and for the shatterproof party lights, but I found these lights and like them much better.. plus they're cheaper than what i bought!

Minivan date night glamp showing curtains up and now we've added string lights for fun

Next, I put in a electric pump, blow up mattress, with adorable RV camper cozy flannel sheets and topped it off with a colorful, turquoise blanket.

I had a metal bucket and painted it red, but I like this one better.. to hold ice and wine bottles.

And tons of pillow! Some pillows, I sewed from leftover curtain material and wanted to add a pop of color with these,  to go with the black & white buffalo plaid curtains.

Close up picture of minivan glamp with bed and turquoise blanket and lots of throw pillows in various colors of cowhide, little RV's and orange

 Last, I got a large, black duffel bag, so I could fold it all away and keep it handy for my next glamping night in the mini van.

Minivan Glamp in a bag,, showing everything folded up to fit inside a bag,, lights, curtains and pillows.

Oh, and don't forget about the best part of the glamp accessories .. check it out here! :)

Hope this blog inspires you to create a fun space for your next glamping trip or date night adventure! 

Final results of Mini van date night glamp with bed, blue blanket, pillows, lights, cutrains, wine bucket and checkers blanket board.


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