5 Must-Have Items In Your Carry On Bag

Love to travel & stay in unique places?  I keep these 5 items in my carry on bag at all times. 

Woman traveling in Paris sitting on a wall with her rolling luggage in black with gold monogramed personalized luggage.

Traveling is exciting but sometimes, we need a few things from home. 

1. My first must-have item, I've used this at airports, and especially at night in the hotel room, when I put my phone on the nightstand and the plug outlet is across the room. Or, there's not enough outlets! 

2. If you've ever stayed in an air bnb that was built before the 1960's, this item is a must!

 3. This third item I've used to help others many times.

4. A custom monogramed luggage set so they stand out at the airport.

5. This last item, I've forgotten so many times, that I now keep this in my carry on bag so I don't forget it when I'm packing!

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