3 Must Haves for Your Trip to Belize

3 Must Haves for Your Trip to Belize

Planning a tropical vacation requires a little planning...

Belize has some of the best snorkeling in the world.. a beautiful tropical place, but... It's HOT! We went in May, their hottest season!  

When you enter your vacation rental, the A/C will not be on! And when you leave each time, you must turn it off! Be prepared to be hot!

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1. Our Number one item we used daily was this... and thank goodness our travel companion didn't mind if we all used it!

2. Think Keeping Cool!  I was definitely wanting one of these to keep cool! Between the non-airconditioned restaurants, the windy golf carts for transportation, the boat rides between the islands, the crazy beach hair and the heat... and lots of cool showers and swimming... I recommend getting your hair braided OR using a few of these to tame that Medusa hair!

3. When planning a trip to Belize, staying connected is crucial. One excellent solution for international calling, texting, and internet is AT&T's daily plan, which costs $10 per day. This option provides a way to maintain communication without the hassle of changing your current number.

Another traveler in our group opted for a different route by purchasing one of these.  While this can be a cost-effective method for some, he were only allocated 1GB of data. Additionally, this approach required using a different phone number, which can complicate keeping in touch with others.

Because my phone was the most reliable (with International calling) we kept in touch with our group using Facebook Messenger.

After comparing the different options available, the AT&T international plan, stood out as the top choice. It strikes the perfect balance between convenience, coverage, and cost, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly while exploring Belize. 

*And the  BONUS tip.. freeze your water bottle every night when you leave your room, because in one hour that frozen water will be room temperature!  I discovered (the last day) if you wrap your water bottle in a plastic bag, it stays colder for many hours! :) 

** I'd say my luggage held up great, after loading it on 4 airplanes, 1 car rental, 3 boat taxis, 2 golf cart rentals and in & out of 3 airbnb's! 

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