Affiliate Details

Each affiliate that signs up, will receive a custom link (by email) with their own link to share, so we can keep track of sales. Please wait 24 hours after signing up to get your personalized link.

You can share pictures from our website or create your own reels or videos for sharing, if you made a purchase.

Be sure to tell your friends they'll get 13% off their purchase if they use the link you give them!

(If your friends don't use the link, there's no way we can track the sales you send)

We give your friends the BEST offer so they must use your code!

All commissions are based on the sale price only. (does not include shipping or taxes).

Once the return policy has expired and your buyer has NOT returned their item, you will be contacted as to how you would like your payment. (we send payments either by paypal or check in the mail).

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